Scams + Alerts

The internet makes many everyday tasks, like shopping and banking, faster and more convenient, but it also made it easier for scammers and criminals to trick people.

Every year, millions of people are victims of scams. Criminals and scammers often combine new technology with old strategies to get people to give out sensitive or personal information, and/or send money. They often word things in a way that induces fear or panic and pressures people to make important decisions on the spot.

Report Scams

If you believe you are the victim of an internet-related crime or scam:

Submit the Security Incident Form.

Stay Alert to Scams

View the scam alert video from the Federal Trade Commission about job scams:

Ongoing Scam Alerts

For Ongoing Scam Alerts:

Visit FTC Scam Alert  for what to know, and do, about recent scams in the news.