Phishing Examples

Learn how to detect a phishing e-mail website

Try It

Can you spot the difference between the legitimate site and the phishing site?

One of these pages is the legitimate site - the other is a well-designed fake, made to trick visitors into giving their login information to phishers.

Legitimate Site
Phishing Site

How do I tell the difference?

To distinguish the phishing site: Check the url. Whatever comes before the / is the actual site.

In this case and are the final destinations of the sites. The phishing site attempts to confuse visitors by adding - but by looking at what comes before .com/, you can tell it's a fake site.

Legitimate Site
Phishing Site

Stay Vigilant

By staying vigilant, you can avoid being phished!

Things to Remember:

  • Phishing scammers make sites look legitimate to try to fool you into entering your username and password.
  • Be skeptical of links to login pages sent through e-mail.
  • Always check the web address (URL) and verify the site’s security certificate before entering your personal information.
  • The security certificate should match the owning company or organization (Look for the green lock icon)