Blocked Systems

If you are unable to sign in, access network resources, or if a red error message appears in your web browser, then your machine may have been blocked from the Iowa State network. There are different reasons this might happen. Below, you will find information about how to regain access to the Iowa State network.

Infected with Malware

Iowa State IT can detect malware infections from network activity and are notified when malware-infected systems contact computers outside the university. These machines are blocked to prevent them from being used by criminals and to keep them from spreading the malware to other devices.

To unblock your device you need to remove the malware. Visit or contact the Solution Center.

Compromised Device

If your device is detected sending spam, trying to break into other computers, or executing other malicious acts, your computer has been compromised.

To regain access on a university-owned device, contact the Solution Center or your departmental IT staff immediately. Do not attempt to fix the problem. If it is a personal device, contact the Solution Center for assistance.