Identity Finder

Identity Finder is data security tool used at Iowa State University to scan university-owned computers for sensitive data (e.g., Social Security numbers, driver's license numbers, and credit card numbers) in accordance with university policies.


Organizational units can take advantage of the Identity Finder service to find, delete, and secure sensitive data thus reducing the overall risk of data breaches.

Benefits of the Identity Finder Management Console include:

  • Evidence that scans¬†have been completed
  • Management awareness of highly sensitive data
  • Easier remediation
  • Automated scanning and remediation reports
  • Centralized departmental management of scans
  • Reduced false positives

The Identity Finder Management Console can also enable departments to keep an accurate inventory of all SSN data stored on laptops, desktop computers, servers, and other media (CDs, DVDs, tape backups, USB thumb drives, etc.), as part of the requirements of the University SSN Policy.

To request a service: E-mail the Security Team.

Sensitive Data Scan

If you know you regularly handle highly sensitive data:

Identity Finder sensitive data scans should be performed and all unapproved storage remediated regularly.

If you don't regularly handle sensitive data:

It is recommended that data scans be performed to remove possible incidental data exposure.